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We must not allow the government to sell its stake in Japan Tobacco. Tobacco leaf farmers are nervous about whether JT will continue buying all of their produce.


Former Finance Minister Bunmei Ibuki. The government has proposed a 9.2 trillion yen tax increase and selling the government’s stake in Japan Tobacco to fund rebuilding from the March 11 disaster. (Bloomberg)

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Unfounded worries, govt will not sell its fortune...just a ploy to pass various new tax bills.

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The Japanese govt. get out of the business of aiding the production, sale and distribution of a product that kills when used as directed. Sell their stake, tax the bejesus out of tobacco products, and aid tobacco farmers in moving to other non-letal agricultural products.

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Govt should sell their stake in JT now and wean the farmers off the state titty by getting them to grow other products for sure, the govt then needs to tax tobacco harder than it does already but not enough to kill it off completely otherwise they'll have to raise all our taxes to cover the loss.

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