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We must not appear to be giving in to terrorism. But at the same time, there is no need to provoke and send a message that can be mistakenly interpreted as giving the other side an excuse.


Yukio Edano, secretary-general of the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan, questioning any moves or statements by the Japanese government that might provoke Islamic State. (Reuters)

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In defining times like these, wishy-washy declarations (like thos one) serve only to indirectly give permission to the thugs perpetraiting heinous crimes.

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@Womp101 Real weakness is reacting when a reaction is precisely what your enemies want out of you. Naturally, those chomping popcorn on the sidelines complain about the lack of action with their little digs.

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Giving into terrorism?

I don't call a kidnapping a terrorist act upon a nation, no matter how much the TeeVee airwaves in Japan want the population to believe it so. Lots a brainwashing going on these days.

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This reads almost like a Zen koan.

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Hey, the DPJ is becoming more efficient. This time it only took him 37 words to say absolutely nothing. In the past, it took them at least 50 words.

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When you don't understand a message, its easy to dismiss it as meaningless. That is arrogance, among other things.

Saying that the 200 million demanded in ransom would be paid not to the kidnappers, but given to humanitarian aid groups is something that would naturally anger the kidnappers, who don't give one fig about humanitarian causes. And that is called giving them an excuse. Probably did not matter, but now, since it was done, we can only guess.

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Go ahead and provoke. Islam has a ton of work to do to become a modern religion.

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ISIS' possession of two Japanese hostages is not a reason to tippytoe around their sensibilities.

But I guess politicians see things differently. Just as we see them through the lens of the media, they are looking back at us through the same lens. Not much getting through that is not distorted, in either direction.

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This is why we don't let the DPJ back into power. THIS IS WHY.

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