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We need a system to make it easier for Japanese women with special expertise such Self-Defense Forces officers, doctors and lawyers to participate in overseas activities for international peace.


Former Japanese Ambassador to the United Nations Yoshio Hatano, who heads a panel that calls for Japan to utilize women as part of the nation's efforts to boost its contributions for peace-building in conflict areas. (Jiji Press)

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Get japan to stop navel gazing. There is a big world out there, be part of it.

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But they still need to increase and improve the capabilities of their armed forces to protect and maintain the peace and the territories where they're planning to send these women (and men) to anywhere in the world. Remember the In Amenas hostage crisis? 10 Japanese died in the terrorist attack. The govt needs to ensure their safety.

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So they were utilizing the men but not the women?

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The reason they can't participate is because it is very difficult for a doctor to help someone in another country when they encounter a patient and their first question is, "Nihongo shabemasu ka?"... and when the patient responds in English they simply can't understand. Make English mandatory and maybe they have a dim and distant hope of being able to operate outside of the "Japanese only" bubble they operate in.

As for Japanese lawyers... yeah, I wouldn't want one of them "helping" me.

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