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We need to bolster efforts to call on geriatrics departments, internal medicine divisions, regular doctors and a wide range of parties involving elderly patients to be more careful in prescribing medicines and urge patients to reflect deeply on whether they really need to continue taking certain medications.


Masahiro Akishita, a geriatrics professor at the University of Tokyo, who serves as chairman of the Japan Geriatrics Society. With the known dangers of sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medications to the elderly, doctors risk doing more harm than good when they prescribe such drugs to patients aged 65 and older for insomnia and other disorders, many researchers say.

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While true for geriatrics, it should be equally true for all ages.  By focusing only on geriatrics, is the assumption that geriatrics should not be treated?  I hope not.

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Might want to start by including pharmacists and clinical pharmacologists in the process. Polypharmacy is very common worldwide, especially amongst the elderly, as physicians just keep adding medicines to their regimen, without thinking where the issues come from. Many hospitals now stop all medicines on addmission, except for some critical ones, and start evauating the patient from zero again, and often find that many of the medicines are not necessary.

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65 is elderly? I did a marathon walk and run two Monday's back. Any challengers for this soon to be 66 year old?

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