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We need to have economic policies that are stronger than what the current government is offering. We need strong policies to end deflation, strong diplomacy and a strong defense to rebuild Japan.


Opposition Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP) leader Shinzo Abe (Reuters)

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easier said than done, how well he did as PM is not unknown to Japan and the world.

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Deflation is a GOOD thing. Only politicians, whose salaries are paid with borrowed fake money, and brainwashed public would ever think that INFLATION is anything other than pure evil.

What he should have said was that we should end deflation, by printing money and causing inflation SO THAT we can pay for a bunch of other stuff that will give government more power.

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LOL. He uses the word "strong" four times in two sentences, but he had to resign because of a weak bowel. Go figure.

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Deflation, that's mainly up to the BOJ, not the government. Diplomacy, defense, eh? Seems like the LDP are blaming foreigners again for causing of Japan's biggest problems.

No mention of taking any action on the domestic front, like addressing structural issues? Well, no foreigners to blame with that issue, and what's more, it might involve some real effort beyond just rhetoric.

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Such as?

Media friendly soundbites are nothing without solid, well thought out ideas to back them up.

You didn't exactly throw anything revolutionary into the mix last time round either...

Let's call this what it is Mr Abe - you don't really have a clue, do you?

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I hope his bowels start acting up again so he goes away, what an embarassment him & his ilk are!

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"end deflation"

Cripes, I keep hoping my rent will be deflated to a level I can pay without a problem.

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