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We want people to thoroughly check product manuals and trash separation rules set by local governments when they dispose of the items, instead of making their own judgements.


A Tokyo Fire Department spokesperson, urging residents to appropriately dispose of lithium-ion batteries and spray cans following a series of fires in the capital.

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How about returning the much needed trash bins to train station platforms and around town in general? What are our taxes good for, if not this civic duty by governments?

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"...instead of making their own judgements."

Right. What you fail to understand is that Japanese people have woke up to the reality of not making their own judgments.

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Like most people too I buy a product from the few money that’s left. And then I just want to use that expensive product until its lifecycle has ended for whatever reason. I don’t intentionally buy and deeply study a manual and I don’t buy a difficult to practice recycling procedure. If anyone really would want that , he or she would instead buy profound recycling explaining literature or sign up at an university for some semesters of recycling method studies.

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One thing I miss about living in Baltimore is the recycle areas outside Home Depot, Menards, and Lowes to drop off unused/broken appliances with no charge. They even take insecticide and spray paint cans.

Surely Japan can do this.

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So, "do what you're told and stop thinking for yourself" ? Hmmm, nope.

Recycling here is a joke. It seems to be intentionally confusing, with rules changing each few miles of street. Unify the process, and make it free and easy, and people will do it. Make it prohibitively difficult and expensive, and you will get what you expect.

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