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We want to help create an environment where female researchers can work comfortably by increasing the number of women in leadership positions.


A senior education ministry official. The ministry plans to establish a new support system next fiscal year to foster increased opportunities for female researchers at universities and other research institutions by providing institutions with subsidies on the condition that they set specific targets to narrow the gender gap and strive to boost the ratio of women holding full-fledged professorships and other high-ranking positions.

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This will just encourage universities to make a calculation to promote a women based on their net profit rather than her merit. There are already a lot of female academics...

Note how there has been no popular demand for this, it's all top-down

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I've been hearing quotes like this since the early 80s here in Japan. I'm sure I'll be hearing this same quote again in 20 years.

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on the condition that they set specific targets

That's it? Many of my professors in a top US university were women including in hard sciences. Most of the top managers of our US subsidiary are women. I, myself, as a male foreigner, have crashed into the glass ceiling of JP management. The only way up is to be a Showa Japanese male. Sad but true.

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What is the scientific base for that talking about genders? I demand equal opportunities and access to universities and their research facilities and capacities for all researchers. Period.

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As a male you have that already, 90% of Professors are male in Japan. You know who does not have equal opportunity, women. Period.

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The only way up is to be a Showa Japanese male. Sad but true.

You didn't know this?

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