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We want to host an event with content consistent with a time of living with the coronavirus.


A member of the Sapporo Snow Festival's executive committee. Due to the coronavirus, the festival will be canceled for the second straight year. Instead, organizers intend to have the ice sculptures created in a separate, undisclosed location and stream a video of how they are made.

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Just let it go this year.

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If everyone wears a complete SCUBA outfit with goggles, tanks and regulators, everyone would be breathing in clean air. Problem solved.

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@Peter Neil. Does that include the flippers? Tokyo is a bit crowded for wearing flippers, although they would stop people walking up and down escalators. The air tanks might be a bit bulky for the metro too.

The ice sculpture folk are doing their best, whilst losing another year of normal. Good luck to them.

For those in the arts attempting to produce coviddy content, please be advised that after two years of 24/7 covid coverage, the last thing most people want is to read, watch or experience anything that refers to viruses, pandemics, public health or masks as 'entertainment' or 'culture'. Most people are choosing content set pre-Covid or fantasy and escapist material. Personally I have no desire to ever read or watch anything featuring covid in any way, shape or form. Living through this has been enough for a lifetime.

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These event organisers are doing themselves a huge disservice. Judging by the numbers of people out and about, it wouldn't be unfair to guess they're sick of all the closures, online stuff and postponements. I sure am. They should just hold the events as normal. The frightened people can just stay away.

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