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We want to provide peace of mind to consumers by strengthening our domestic production.


Yasushi Otake, leader of the R&D department's marketing team at frozen food giant Nichirei Foods Inc. Following health concerns over Chinese imports, the company has developed a new line of frozen vegetables grown in Japan, near the plants that process them. (Nikkei Weekly)

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Japan isn't doing much better than China in relation to food safety

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I've never understood "food safety" issues, but I lived next to a "Heinz" plant most of my life. I've heard we had similar issues until the "Pure food & Drug" laws early in the 1900's. I guess China's just at that point now. I just can't imagine "adulterating" milk! But then again I probably can't imagine 1.3 billion people either! LOL

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does not make me feel safer. what kind of water is used? what kind of fertilizer is used? are they washed? are they mislabeled? japan does not have such a great track record.

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