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We were surprised to see the cricket-based items attract so much interest.


A Pasco Shikishima official in charge of product development. The company released last December two "Korogi Cafe" series sweets products using dried cricket powder, which sold out in two days. Bread and confectionery made using dried crickets are in high demand in Japan due to their novelty and also because consumers are increasingly interested in insect-based foods, which have a small environmental footprint.

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And here's me thinking at 1st glance of the title, that the Game of Cricket was finally making headway here - lol.

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I got exciting thinking they were selling bats and stumps.

Me too!

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I got exciting thinking they were selling bats and stumps.

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Ah, alas I was as deluded as others! Thought it was the summer game making a surprise impact. Sigh.

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Inago is tasty!

Had some great insect falafels,too.Couldn't tell that they weren't red meat.

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Fried crickets and locusts are good.

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