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We will consider fully lifting requests for shorter operating hours unless new infection cases increase again. From November, people will possibly be able to live their lives with no coronavirus-related restrictions in place.


Japanese economic revitalization minister Daishiro Yamagiwa, indicating that administrative authorities' requests for restaurants and bars to cut operating hours amid the novel coronavirus crisis may be entirely removed in November.

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From November, people will possibly be able to live their lives with no coronavirus-related restrictions in place.

Meanwhile in other news....

Japan to begin trials of COVID-19 vaccination proof at eateries

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The right hand doesn't know what the righter hand is doing

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I doubt the savings in staffing/compensation are worth losing the busiest hours of the day, especially for bars. If they can safely re-open I am sure they will be thrilled to.

Even as a proponent of lockdowns and vaccine passports, the ban on specifically alcohol has always seemed particularly strange to me.

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Except of course for the 2+ million foreign residents who will have to quarantine for at least 10 days if they dare to visit family overseas.

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@smithinjapan: The restaurants that I go to that do have to close at 9 (not all of them obey of course) because of the landlord can't WAIT to stay open longer - I think you're wrong with this one. I can't wait to start my night at 7:30-8 again.

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Ummm... what restrictions? And no, I don't think a lot of places will return to previous hours, because they've been able to save heaps of money on staffing just for those extra couple of hours, and some have also gotten compensation for it, too.

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At what point will those hayfever masks become acceptable again?

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Yeah, please just keep considering....

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Does not matter to us. We have upped our travels to 5 weeks apart for weekly departures rather than 4-5 nights a pop. Supporting Pop and Mom establishments with a smile.

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..its more than a couple of hours. What respectable establishment would boot you out at 11pm?

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