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We will further boost the deterrence and response capabilities of the Japan-U.S. alliance, and for that purpose, Japan will need to strengthen its defense capabilities fundamentally.


Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi, pledging to beef up Japan's alliance with the United States while strengthening the country's defense capabilities to ensure peace in the Indo-Pacific region, amid China's growing military clout.

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A lot of beautiful words to calm the masses.

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Spend money on the social issues Japan is full of first before more weapons. As long as Japan has US bases here its safe.

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Juicy (and super-expensive) US weapons contract signed by Japan in: 4,3,2...

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means more money wasting on overpriced US weapons.

means less money for these in need.

sugoi ne?

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The Japanese government is hopelessly impotent facing the biggest problems of society: inequality, global warming, Covid-19, massive government debt, dismal productivity, low wages renewable energy, etc. So it is going to fight and win an expensive battle with a totally imaginary enemy that exists only in the minds of the right wingers.

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China grows it's military budget year after year to become the worlds strongest country. It will take others territory as it has already, and Japan has territory it wants. Spending on social needs will do nothing to discourage China from taking what belongs to Japan. A stronger defense force will.

China also has many social problems of it's own but it still keeps spending more on a bigger military. Soon it will be so big it will need to use it. Jinping does not care if common Chinese lose their lives for his cause. They mean nothing to him.

Japan can research and develop its own weapons systems and export to help its economy. Japan has many smart people and developing new systems and things others do not have is a capability Japan has. Many things can be crossed over for civilian use and export. Self sufficiency should be the goal in as many things as possible. The region is spending up on defense and Japan should aim to be a part of the supply chain to its neighbors by building quality goods. Investing in yourself is rarely wasted money.

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