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We will launch a national movement with perspectives from regional areas, in order to make progress in resolving issues that have been put off.


Miyagi Governor Yoshihiro Murai. Nearly half of Japan’s 47 prefectural governors have formed a group amid frustration with slow progress in central government efforts to resolve excess concentrations of power and population in Tokyo.

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They can probably be placated with more concrete. They probably want their cut of the national politicians' pork barrel. Japan needs much more joined-up thinking to save the provinces from decay and politicians, local and national, are mostly part of the problem, not the solution. On the other hand, the innate conservatism of the people living outside the main urban centres is also a hurdle.

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Well, if you can stop many of the younger prefectural residents who are opting to move to Tokyo, you might stand a chance.

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There are many reasons not to live in the big cities of Tokyo and Osaka.

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I have spent some years in Tokyo I have moved to countryside.

I have never regretted that decision.

that governor need to do something to make Miyagi attractive place for young generation to stay there,live there and contribute to that society and community.

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The countryside/seaside are great places to live. Big houses with gardens. Wide roads. Silence overnight. Skies full of bright stars. Fresh air. Plenty of places for walking and exercise. Friendly neighbors. Children playing on the streets and parks. Fast broadband and mobile services.

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