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We will uphold the three nonnuclear principles of not possessing or producing nuclear weapons, and not allowing them in Japan's territory as our national policy.


Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, ruling out the option for Japan to possess nuclear weapons as part of its enemy base strike capabilities.

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But Japan already has nuclear missiles in Japanese territory. US Naval submarines carry them and they're in Japanese waters and ports. A relative of mine was stationed in one.

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That just fits to the widespread suicidal tendencies which are already well known from history to present and statistically significant and proven.

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No doubt that's correct, which is all the more reason why Japan doesn't need to paint a giant target on it's "forehead" by basing nuclear weapons on land. That would upping the ante, big time, and is a really stupid idea. Stick to golf, Abe. Keep your sabre rattling to yourself.

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Come on. Chemical weapons, Vacuum bombs, all other mass-massacre weapons unless nonnuclear sounds fit the reality of human beings

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Come on. Chemical weapons, Vacuum bombs, all other mass-massacre weapons as long as nonnuclear sounds fit the reality of human beings

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There's a difference between nuclear weapons and nuclear weapon parts lying in close formation...

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As time goes on that statement will change to reflect a changing world in which a new prime minister will say this statement was made during a time when Japan didn't feel threatened but because China is on our doorsteps we will have to match their strength because we can't count on our allies to continue to protect us.!

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