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We won't permit the entry of accommodations that do not attach importance to certain matters, including the preservation of local culture.


Kyoto Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa, saying the city will aim to curb construction of new accommodations due to problems such as some tourists’ poor manners and a lack of land.

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Also how about not having them make giant ugly concrete mega hotels that spoil the scenery in historic or natural areas?

Nah, those don’t harm “local culture”....

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Since when does a mayor of a major Japanese city care about "preserving local culture"?He should be spending his efforts creating more and bigger pedestrian spaces, wider sidewalks and improving transport infrastructure, like bus stops with shelters and benches and yes, public benches in green spaces and sitting areas where food is being sold.

Our last trip to his fair city was a crushing, exasperating experience thanks to its inadequate, badly planned infrastructure.

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How can the mayor of a city that hosts both Kyoto Tower and the new station building make such a statement?

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So what the Kyoto mayor wants the foreign tourists to take some sort of Kyotoness test at the city limits. Those who fail to answer the question of manners are denied an entry permit.

There are many improvement to be made including building tourist hostels on the city limits but with easy access to the city centers. Electric and bio buses. Ban all private cars from the main centers. Turn streets in daytime walkways. Places to sit and eat some food. Trash cans for the litter and sufficient public toilets. Direct free buses from the JR station to the tourist spots.

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The Kyoto City government itself has wrecked Kyoto.

Look at Kyoto Station. It's an abonimation which has nothing to do with preserving Kyoto.

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Does the 'Preservation of Local Culture,' mean that all new buildings will be freezing cold in Winter and boiling hot in Summer as well?

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This guy is a compete crackpot. I hope tourists (from certain countries...) continue to wreak Havok on his little town

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I like the JR Kyoto station. Looks good, works well for the millions using it.

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Given that my very first encounter with Kyoto was the old station, I agree that the new one is a vast improvement. What were they meant to design it as - a pastiche of a temple?

However, other than the bits of Kyoto that were specifically preserved, the rest is much the same as any other city - utilitarian buildings with scant architectural merit.

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