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We would never consider dumping the water into the ocean unless we received the consent of local residents.


TEPCO official. The utility is discussing with government ministries to pump contaminated water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, process it to remove the radioactive materials and then release it into the Pacific Ocean. (Asahi Shimbun)

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Oh, they had got consent the other times ?

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why consent of local residents only? They want to dump contaminated water into the ocean or a pond?

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That's from now on, is it?

Why the change of heart?

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Very convenient when no one has resided there for last three years.

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process it to remove the radioactive materials and then release it into the Pacific Ocean.

They cannot remove all of the radioactive materials. They think it cost saving, because they have no idea of paying any compensation for the further contamination. Someone has to file trillion dollar lawsuit to nail the coffin of TEPCO, so that they will do no more bad things.

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If they "consent" it means they get to stay in their homes and maybe get subsidies.

If they "don't consent," it means it's too dangerous (since they can't dump the death water) and have to leave, their homes and everything behind.

Make no mistake, they'll do whatever they want, everything else is just fake window dressing.

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TEPCO made the mistake from the beginning of trying to deal with what will become millions and millions of tons and have spent a great amount of money and time on it without much of a success and have even failed in just trying to store the water with the tanks now occupying a large area of the site and very soon will meet maximum without going beyond the site of the nuclear disaster.

TEPCO failed the enormous problem of contaminated water and thought it could control and deal with it but have failed in every aspect of the problem.

From the beginning, TEPCO should have just collected the contaminated water and transported it to another location and company for cleaning and storage. It would still need to try and prevent the ground water reaching the Nukes of Hazard but the very expensive ice wall probably isn't the answer?

TEPCO needs to be sold off or at least banned from ever operating another nuclear plant and removed from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site which should be handed over to a new gov't agency involving international agencies and experts.

The losses and costs of the nuclear disaster are running into many tens of trillions of yen having reached more than ¥50 trillion to date.

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What a comedian.

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Blinky the Fish just around the corner.

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