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We'll change our conventional attitude, which has been to act only after crimes are committed, and will instead adopt a more proactive stance toward cutting crime and eliminating the factors that caus


A National Police Agency official. The NPA plans to introduce measures aimed at identifying people who are observed acting suspiciously around children, in an attempt to prevent serious crimes against minors. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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Oh, that's just great. Just what we need, more paranoia, and more opportunities to accuse. It's not like Japan has a poor record with "innocent until proven guilty" or anything :P

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It's a scary thought. If I chat to a child in public, I could be arrested on suspicion of who knows what?

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Hey, send the police a copy of Minority Report... They'll learn how to be good proactive reactionaries. On the other hand... not sure I'd like living in a society that encourages the "attitude" from authorities (and those they enlist) of being presumed guilty without having done anything wrong nor any intention of doing anything wrong. What's next? A workplace test now of presumed guilt for the crime of the month right alongside the required metabo exam? Lie detector tests, or just evasive stares and shifting eyes?

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"...Eliminating the factors that cause fear in our society". Hmm, why does that make me feel like they're going to start pinning six-pointed stars on people?

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What causes fear in our society? Government officials blaming everything on them foreigners, insecurity about loss of income and/or pension, and, maybe, knowing that the police will be behind every bush and tree watching you make your every move.

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Big Brother is here!

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wow - scary.

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introduce measures aimed at identifying people who are observed acting suspiciously around children   that would include all Engrish teachers who teach children, and all those costumed folk at Disney and other amusment parks... Santa better watch out this Christmas.

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... proactive stance ... eliminating the factors that cause fear in society... observed acting suspiciously ...

I couldn't get more scared! Where have I heard that before? Was that Stalin, Mao, Kim Jong-Il, ...? Ah no, wait, no reason to worry - it's only to protect minors. Sure... Nobody can be against protecting minors, right?

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How will the police, police this when they are too busy looking at all the illegally parked bikes, they won`t have time.

Does this include women, How about observing all the women who go and kill thier own children, for being children.

Proactive stance Means? A policeman will accompany any one with a child, better do some more recruiting Fallas.

How do we eliminate the factors (STOP HAVING BABIES) how do we Identify a potential child molester.......Did he look sideways at that child.Hmmm.

How stupid this really is in a country where porn in video stores can be seen by children, where high school boys can go to a store called family mart and look at sex styled books, where in manga sexual acts are depicted especially by so called business men openly read them on the train.

You dress high school girls up in mini skirts to tempt theses kind of people, How the hell are you going to identify these people with all these kinds of temptations around.

Change our conventional attitudes (What a Joke) How many red light districts are there in Japan, Soapland, strip clubs, Porn video stores and mini skirted High school girls walking around, not to mention hostess clubs.

What are you going to do ban guys who look like potential molster from entering these places....Sorry you can`t come in here you look like a child molester. Hahahahaha!!!

You want to be more proactive ban the books in the video store that show underage girls and showing young girls as easy targets, then you will change things, take away the temptations........Dumbassas!!

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will instead adopt a more proactive stance toward cutting crime and eliminating the factors that cause fear in society

will instead adopt a more proactive stance toward becoming the factor that causes fear in society

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