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We've been invited to open branches and received inquiries from all over the country.


Shiho Kawabe, president of Kotori Cafe, a bird cafe in Tokyo where 150-200 customers a day visit to interact with 25 colorful parakeets, owls and parrots. Such cafes are gaining popularity throughout Japan, especially among women. (Jiji Press)

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I thought owls were nocturnal? It doesn't seem very kind to keep them awake in the daytime.

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These is something very disagreeable about these cafes.

I think we should move away from keeping owls and parrots as caged animals.

These beautiful creatures are not suitable as pets. We should instead be trying to protect them in the wild.

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Earlier today I walked to a nearby river and watched gray herons, egrets, bulbuls, wagtails, crows, and sparrows flying freely - as they should.

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sensei & wakarimasen -

I was thinking exactly the same. Consuming food & drink in the surrounds of birds with direct contact, I would have thought would be breaking some health regulations.

And as many viruses eg influenza, have made the " One small step for birds / pigs etc, One giant leap for Viruses", hygeinic conditions should be paramount.

And also of course, the whole idea of animals of great independence (flight), being "tethered" for humans pleasure is extremely questionable imo.

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This is how bird flu makes the jump into the human population.

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The birds are all tethered and/or caged, of course. Animal cruelty for financial gain.

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I think this says more about the exploitative attitude to life - all life - in Japan than about the merits of such a cafe.

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Any health risks involved with that?

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