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We’ve seen confidence start to explode over the last months. We’re seeing some of the highest growth in the world here.


Herbert Appleroth, chief executive of Ferrari Japan. Sales of Ferrari cars in Japan have jumped almost 20% so far this year. (New York Times)

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But watch next year when the consumption tax goes up and sales plummet... enjoy it while you can, Mr. Appleroth!

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Appleroth should have said growth is exploding among the rich ... if anywhere. The only growth I, a little guy in the overall picture, is higher prices all over the place. Abe's 2% inflation goal has already been passed when my daily necessities are taken into consideration.

"We're seeing some of the highest growth in the world here," he says ... this must mean in the form of prices increases.

By the way dear readers: how many of you have a new Ferrari parked in front of your home here in Japan?

And, another "by the way": While visiting the Namba area in Osaka I purposely walk by a parking lot there that has Ferraris lined up (about 8, at last count) in the middle of it. I don't know who they belong to ... but I'm willing to bet that they are owned by host club employees who received them as gifts from "rich" women. Could such "presents" be part of the 20% increase in Ferrari sales this year?

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Great so the few rich are now confident enough that they are bleeding the working class enough to afford Ferraris. Hardly an indicator of Japan's property. All you need to do is ask any working person how close they are to buying high ticket items to clear any doubt up.

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20% ???? That could mean anything like they sold 5 cars last year and 6 this year..........

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