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What happens if yields rise further? What happens if the yen depreciates significantly? How much could it depreciate? Could Japan have a currency crisis? What happens if the BOJ ends up owning the entire bond market? These are the questions that investors are asking, and nobody really knows the answers.


Jared Dillian, author of "All the Evil of This World," and the editor of the 10th Man newsletter for Mauldin Economics, saying that a currency crisis is inevitable in Japan.

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Why would it be a crisis? A falling currency is only a problem if you have a current account deficit or significant net foreign currency liabilities - neither of which is the case in Japan.

There are plenty of economic issues to worry about in Japan, This isn't one of them.

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Yaaaawn, much smarter pundits than this man have been wrong about Japan since...1994 (last big bonds market crash)

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This is getting old. These guys had thankfully disappeared over the past couple of years, after making well publicized doom-saying predictions that never came close to being true. Many also lost their shirts over their "short Japan debt" trade.

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