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What is serious is that Japan's acts towards China are not confined to the issue of the bilateral ties but adversely affect the situation in the region. The China-Japan feud will be creating a factor of sustained instability in the region and bring about serious consequences in the peaceful development of the regional states. Japan has to pay for its acts of destroying peace.


The official Korean Central News Agency, criticizing Japan's decision to boost regional cyber capabilities in its western district and joint military drills with the U.S. in the contested South China Sea.

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Um, I wouldn't take what the (North) Korean Central News Agency writes very seriously.

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Dictated personally by Xi Jinping?

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Whoever it was in this quote of the day  is CLEARLY an IDIOT!

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How about that weather?

Seriously though, we really need to start ignoring these type of statements. They are simply trolling.

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Agree with the above. Stupid quote.

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