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What support will the government give to the economies of areas like ours that have always cooperated with Japan's pro-nuclear energy policies?


Kashiwazaki Mayor Hiroshi Aida, referring to the government's announcement of its policy recommendation to eliminate nuclear power in Japan by 2030. (Mainichi Daily News)

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What an asinine comment. You only cooperated for the kickbacks. Guess you should have invested it better.

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Since provincial areas are facing a massive demographics crisis, Tokyo could send you large numbers of Chinese, Indians and others to rejunvenate your farming and fisheries and provide healthcare to your elderly. Additionally, some Aussies could be brought in to usher your tourism industry into the 21st century, as what happened in Niseko.

It's called sustained support, and it's a hellva lot better than the "support" you've received to date, ie, hefty subsidies from Tokyo that have made you so pathetically dependent in the first place.

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Instead of cooperating with the pro-nuclear, there is an opportunity to cooperate with the emerging pro-renewables. This is exactly what is happening in Germany. The difference is that in Germany, the whole population, including industry and government have realized the dangers of relying on the dangerous nuclear energy, whereas in Japan, the preference for the politicians and their accomplices is to force nuclear energy onto the people, even when they reject it. It is a scaring situation....****

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