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When I first arrived at Roissy airport, it was a shock to me, because Japanese people always dream of Paris as being a beautiful city.


Mami Osafune, a 27-year-old psychology student who has lived in Paris for three years. She is a member of Greenbird Paris, the first overseas wing of a Tokyo-based nonprofit organization that has cleaned up neighborhoods since 2003. The Paris group cleans up the streets and sidewalks of Paris. (AP)

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Japanese people always dream of Paris as being a beautiful city

Yeah they dream of every city being more beautiful than their own. Welcome to reality Japanese people!

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what's it called? paris syndrome or something, whereby japanese oba-chans go to paris expecting it to look as good as it does in magazines and, when they discover it to be the somewhat gritty city that it is, literally have a nervous breakdown and have to be repatriated?

i guess they're not that used to dealing with reality

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Roissy is not Paris at all but whatever.

Paris is, like many others, quite a dirty town, some places are very old and damaged but still... Paris is a very nice city.

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