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When it comes to proving drivers' intentions, dashcam video has become a key resource. They don't just record the world outside the car, they also record your own driving, and that puts people in a self-regulating mindset.


Tadanori Yamaguchi, a professor in traffic psychology at Osaka International University, commenting on the widespread use of dashcams by police and motorists. Japanese police have used dashcam video evidence in 54 of the 58 road rage investigations pursued in the six months since the Road Traffic Act was amended to criminalize "obstructive driving."

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All hail to Big Brother.

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Put them on bicycles too.

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All hail to Big Brother.

Hardly. You are driving a ton or two of steel, so certain precautions are reasonable. My dashcam and what it records remains my private property. It's a good way to sort our traffic accidents, and it was my choice to put it there.

That said, I may turn off the sound recording as I don't want everything I say recorded - especially when some a$$h###le runs a stop sign in front of me.

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Lecturer at the menkyo center the other day was touting them as a way to provide data on weather/visibility, cover yourself in the case of an accident and to document roadrage or aggressive driving. It was like he was on commission.

He is right. But he left out the part about quickly throwing away the SD card if the accident happens to be your fault. (And then you are supposed to tell the police, "That dashcam? Yeah, it had a card once, but I forgot to replace it. Too bad. It would have proved my innocence!"

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