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When it comes to the self-awareness of gender or sexual orientation, others should not dig into such matters without good reason. Disclosing such personal information despite a person's refusal and subjecting them to undue scrutiny can cause tremendous offense.


Hiroyuki Taniguchi, an associate professor at Kanazawa University who is knowledgeable about sexual minority issues. He was commenting on the case of a 48-year-old woman who was outed by the Osaka hospital she worked at for previously being a man. After being harassed over the matter, she plans to take legal action against the operator of the facility.

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Outing was wrong.Keep it on a need to know basis.But come on. If you're gay, in that you prefer a same sex person fair enough! But being born a man and proclaiming you always felt like a woman are two different things entirely... for the obvious reasons.

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"Good reason" is the right to participate in the present and future definition of society therefore it's everyone's right.

The individual in question is still a man regardless of what plastic surgery they have had.

There are numerous, untested, creeping tides of idiocy seeping into society unchecked, promoted by self-interested individuals or parties ... followed shortly by lawyers who smell money from such writs.

Ultimately, it is not about sex or gender, it's about whether individuality is more important that society, or subject to society. A common thread within these issues is that they prioritize individuality over society and are an further expression of the breaking down of society, and even families and couples, that has been happening within the West since, say, the 1960s.

There is much discussion over who, what and why is behind this that ought to be well considered before kneejerking to the next cause.

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Outing was wrong

Truth is, we don't even know if this was an "outing".

Anyone have any better links to the real story?

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