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When it comes to using the internet and social media, basic performance doesn’t differ significantly between the latest models and those from several years ago. Demand for secondhand smartphones is growing.


An official at a major mobile carrier. According to a recent industry survey, the percentage of used-model users among all smartphone users recently passed 10% for the first time.

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Have we reached peak computing power, I wonder

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Older phones are fine. Manufacturers will fight back by blocking software upgrades on older phones for specious 'security' reasons. The battery you cannot replace is another way of ensuring built-in obsolescence, as the ability to hold a charge degrades.

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Progress is indeed slowing down. My 5 year old Thinkpad shipped with 8 gb ram, 256 ssd, core i5, etc. Its successor model today basically has the same specs, only subtle improvements -- and with a much higher price tag!

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nothing surprising as people are getting less and paying for living costs more so even say 2yo used Iphone is okay...

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Well lets hope that this forces companies to bring down the prices of the new units a bit.

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For most users a mobile phones from 4 or 5 years ago will do all they need to do. I have an iPhone 8 I bought used a four years ago and it does everything I need it to do. I do not need to spend thousands of dollars on a new phone. When the time comes I'll replace this one with another used phone with a few years under its belt, but for now, I have no need to replace it.

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Still using an iPhone 7 and it is top notch.

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Smartphone’s days are numbered anyway.

the next generation communication device is just around the corner

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