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When we allow spectators to cheer loudly, some of them may feel an increase in the risk of infection. But the passion of fans through cheering is necessary in soccer games.


J.League Chairman Yoshikazu Nonomura. The professional soccer league said it will start allowing spectators to “cheer loudly” for the first time since a ban on yelling and singing at stadiums was imposed in early 2020 to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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Let them cheer. Those who feel afraid have the option of staying home and viewing the game on TV or the Net.

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Why do you feel the IQ just draining out of you when you read these statements made for public consumption regarding matters of controversy. To scream or not to scream? Where would we be with these bastions of logic and reason?

Sorry, it’s Friday!

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Oh gosh. If they don't want to be infected, STAY HOME! Since time immemorial, there has always been a risk of getting infected by whatever! Because we are LIVING HUMAN BEINGS! We carry bacteria, viruses, germs and whatnot! Preventing us from expressing our emotions in a natural way because of infection risk? Yeah, we tried these past two years and no, it's not just the way humans should live!

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what a "science".

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We should never be in a situation whereby grown adults are being told they are allowed to cheer at a professional sports game.

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Grown adults are not allowed at professional sports games.

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that guy did not get one point clearly.

if fans wants just watch game they can do at home watching TV,tablet or PC.if its all just about "watching" there is no reason for fans to pay for often not cheap tickets and spend time on way to stadium and back.

sports as footbal/soccer are often about expression of emotions,feeling,mood,happiness or even sadness...we are human not robots yet.its natural that if people are going to stadium to see fgame main reason may be socializing with friends and fans from same group than express emotions,relax,take off own stress..and screaming or chanting is necessary part of it...

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But the passion of fans through cheering is necessary in soccer games.

No, it is surely not. They can also watch it on TV, silently and with a beer can in their hand. There is absolutely no need or necessity for spectators and their cheering during a soccer match. You only need a ground, a ball, two goals, 22 players and a referee. What he means is getting much money into the accounts by full stadiums , but that has almost nothing to do with playing a soccer match.

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It's already been demonstrated that large gatherings are fine from places in America and elsewhere (e.g. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-2495923/Video-Massive-college-crowds-pack-stadium-Texas-football-game.html).

People forget all those Black Lives Matter protests and riots in 2020 were conveniently ignored

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