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Wild animals may carry bones and other items, so that it is possible for objects that weren't there at the time of the search to be found in the same place over time.


Keiichi Takeuchi, a mountain rescue adviser for the Yamanashi Prefectural Police, suggesting one reason why it took 2 1/2 years to find fragments of bones and other items belonging to a 7-year-old girl who disappeared from a mountain campsite in Yamanashi in September 2019.

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She was most likely abducted and far away within minutes then brought back later by someone very familiar with that area.

I would suggest that there is very little to be gained and much to be lost by a murderer bringing back a corpse to the place of abduction at some point later. I regularly hike that region, it's been busy since her disappearance and it would be very risky to do so.

Whatever happened to her, be it murder, wild animals or accident, I suspect that she never left that area.

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Why would anybody had to wait months to abduct a child? there is such things as crimes of opportunity, someone that may have not planned to do anything saw the chance and did the crime. Anyway it is still early and other possibilities are still open.

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My theory is she was killed and buried in a shallow hard to access place. Rain, erosion and or animal activity uncovered the body later.

I have other suspicions but would rightly, not be allowed to post them on JT at this time.

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That theory of abduction is also a bit improbable. Then someone would have to wait weeks or months in the cold outside for having an opportunity to grab a lone child that’s too late or missed the way etc. My guess would be, that one or few in that camper’s community or staff living there and maintaining that site are very suspicious. They would know best by experience when there’s an opportunity and where to quickly hide or temporarily take away and bring back a corpse so it won’t be found easily, or if found, then quite misleading. And yes, the one shoe and few bones etc have surely only placed there intentionally, to mislead and to give room for any option from further hope to sure murder. I agree to that no wild animal has done it all , or could have placed a skull and a shoe there. That would be strange.

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Just admit that someone murdered that little girl and had put back her bones to that same spot two or three years later!

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No way. The thousands of rescuers scoured the area right after her disappearance and didn’t find anything. An animal attack would absolutely leave ripped clothes or blood or dropped items. She was most likely abducted and far away within minutes then brought back later by someone very familiar with that area.

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