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With regard to our reporting about nuclear plants, we are transmitting accurate information based on facts, as has been the practice from the past, in order to avoid unnecessarily arousing concerns am


An official with the Public Relations Department at NHK, responding to criticism of NHK's president who caused a new stir by telling subordinates to toe the government line in coverage of the recent earthquakes and their possible impact on nuclear power plants. (Asahi Shimbun)

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Yeah, so long as the 'accurate facts' toe the party line. I guess they are not lying if they don't transmit accurate information that is vital but does not toe the party line. Besides, the 'fact' it that they have their hands in the nuclear industry, so if they report based on that fact then the official is not lying.

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Translation: As in the past we hiding the truth in order not to arouse the anger of the LDP.

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It is already an ESTABLISHED FACT that NHK lied about Fukushima (at the time it was happening).

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"We ARE transmitting accurate facts. Just not all of them. And only the ones deemed accurate by the government..."

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