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With stricter guidance now in place with time management, take-home work is also increasing. They have to increase the number of workers and reduce the amount of work or do something like outsource it.


Ryo Uchida, a professor at Nagoya University's graduate school. He and a team of researchers conducted a survey that showed over 70% of junior high school teachers in Japan are putting in more than 80 hours of overtime per month -- the threshold for determining death by overwork.

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Quality over quantity.That creed should apply to amount of work ,time,and staff.

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I've worked in Japanese public schools and this is pretty accurate for many JHS teachers. The teachers' room with the lights on well into the evening.

It's not all that different in the US either. Teachers clear out of the schools within about an hour after the last class but take a mountain load of papers to correct and mark.

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More power to them.

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This may be common globally - not allowing teachers the time for preparing lessons and marking work as part of their working day. It puts people off the profession if they can get better jobs with less homework elsewhere.

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I can see a JHS out of my living-room's window.

I first thought the last person to leave kept forgetting to put out the light in the teachers' room, but when asking a student via their parents was I told that: nope, the teachers are there until the lights go out which on weekdays is not rarely after midnight (after checking, I think that as a rule of thumb they do try to catch the last train)...Heck, even on Saturday evenings are the lights up until 10 pm.

On a side-note, the daughter of a friend graduate from an art university this year and was hired as assistant teacher in the same school. She received a very warm welcome but told "to pay attention to her health" as "things would heat up very quickly". She was also told that "two teachers were on sick-leave for health issues".

Looks like not only JHS and HS are impacted...

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They have to increase the number of workers and reduce the amount of work 

They need to do both. They also need to get rid of homework. Finland, has the highest educational standard in the world and the nation has pretty much abolished homework.

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