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With the many victims of the current disaster in Japan, and ongoing concerns about radiation leaks from the nuclear power station, TV Tokyo has decided not to show the planned final season of '24' and


A TV Tokyo spokesperson, explaining that the final season of "24" has been pulled because the plot featuring radiation has been deemed inappropriate in light of the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. (Hollywood Reporter)

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Another overreaction. They could have waited a few months.

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In the US; the release of the movie "Buffalo Soldiers" was delayed by 2 years because of 9/11. Nevermind the movie had no content related to terrorism, and was about a soldier in cold war Germany who ran a black market racket. Other movies delayed or temporalily pulled from shelves include; "The Siege" "The Kingdom" "Rambo 2" "Collateral Damage" etc....

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