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Women are sensitive to the atmosphere of the times. When society is in a bright mood, they prefer bright and lively makeup. When society is in a dark mood, they tend to use less-lively and simpler mak


Setsuko Suzuki, a senior hair and makeup artist for cosmetic giant Shiseido. Popular trends in women's makeup hold clues to the condition of the economy, Shiseido says, based on 100 years of changes in makeup trends. (Mainichi Shimbun)

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Then what is the make-up trend nowadays?

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If make-up trends reflect the emotional atmosphere of the times, it does not follow that make-up wearing women in general are especially sensitive. I find it just as probable that most women who wear make-up are simply following trends without giving any thought to the emotional undertone of society. That correlation=causation mixup was bugging me.

You could propbably draw the conclusion, however, that the choices of fashion leaders and make-up artists are influenced by the state of society, which sounds interesting.

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Below is the link to the whole article.

As @spbpb points out, the causation seems spurious and in the article a professor of makeup culture points to the influential role of the fashion industry rather than economic sensitivity. If women are, in fact, feeling brighter and wearing red lipstick because of Abenomics, then all the unfounded hype of government propaganda and an uncritical media has also had an influence, especially since most workers wages have continued to stagnate or decline with no relief in sight.


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Vapid voodoo. What should we expect from a company run by men?


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