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Women are susceptible to being pushed away into unstable nonregular employment, as they also undertake housework and care for children, and are considered as supplementary laborers that live off their husband's income. There are many cases, such as single mothers, where they are not covered by employment insurance and cannot receive unemployment benefits nor temporary leave allowances.


Mieko Takenobu, professor emeritus at Wako University in Tokyo and an expert on sociology of labor. Female nonpermanent employees in Japan, particularly single mothers and those with no partners, are suffering grave financial consequences of the coronavirus outbreak, which has exacerbated the current employment situation.

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She's right.

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Indicative of the society and its failure to treat all members with equality and move forward in to the 21st Century.

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I know hundreds of people, males who don't have unemployment insurance or temporary leave insurance as well. Some of these guys have been in the company for 20 or 30 years. No benefits. So stop saying only females. The whole of Japan is a mess.

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I know hundreds of people, males who don't have unemployment insurance

That seem weird, for I believe unemployment insurance (雇用保険) is mandatory for company employees.

I haven't confirmed that though.

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