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Working at home offers a good opportunity to review household rules which have often been fixed. Men should face the fact that they rely too much on women in terms of housework.


Renge Jibu, a researcher at Showa Women’s University who specializes in gender issues. A survey by home builder Sekisui House reveals that stress levels among married women are soaring under the stay home policy to prevent a spread of COVID-19 infections.

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Because that’s how men in japan have been raised, the wife basically takes over the duties of the husbands mother.

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If only. Evidence from the UK during the lockdown shows that even if both parents are working from home it’s the woman who still does the lion’s share of childcare and housework, and is the one most likely to be interrupted during work for childcare etc.

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Working at home offers a good opportunity to review household rules which have often been fixed. Men should face the fact that they rely too much on women in terms of housework.

I don't think anyone is disputing that, but the author seems to be blaming the men here (unless I'm reading it wrong).

Men are alongside women the victims of a culture that dictates incredibly long hours at work. It is an outdated mode of thinking, but men are just as victims as the women are.

My wife does the lion's share of the housework and the children's responsibilities fell on her until recently. That's because until the pandemic hit, I left for work at around 6:45am and arrived home at around 6 pm. Mon-Fri.

Saturday 6:45 and got home at 3.

Now that I have time, I do most of the cooking and dishwashing and help with the kids, but it appears that the week after next the normal schedule will resume and I am dreading it. I loved spending time with my family.

Except just after childbirth, don't hear of too many housewives jumping in front of trains like the sararimen. The men here have been slaves for so long.


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It's ultimately not men that rely on women, it's corporations.

As mentioned, once men don't have to work until the last train and can get home at a reasonable time then it might be reasonable to ask them to chip in. It does get a bit annoying when people don't look at the whole picture.

Now if both partners work the same number of hours but the man does less than the woman then that would be unfair, and vice versa. However, there are very good reasons why women openly profess to wanting to be a housewife and that is because to them it looks far better than being an office slave

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 survey by home builder Sekisui House

Sekisui House Should spend more time researching and re-engineering their homes instead of these stupid surveys. I recommend starting with the word “i n s u l a t I o n”. I’m currently tearing up my Sekisui House unit shower/bath because of a faulty drain seal which has rotted the wood under it. Granted it could have been the contractor. FYI, cement backer board is nowhere to be found here.

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“some men”, there, fixed it for you.

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The problem is that (men) perpetrate this inequality, which is especially egregious as many are in positions of power (government, management, etc) and thus abuse that power and trust.

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File this as yet another example under:

[Some societal change that I desire anyway] + COVID-19 =

A societal change that should happen because of COVID-19

This opportunism is specious logic at best. Given the vast number of people who have died and been impoverished worldwide because of the pandemic, attempting to capitalize on it in this manner strikes me as rather perverse.

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And women should face the fact that they rely too much on men in terms of bringing in money.

Of course, she's not going to raise that as an issue, because "X happens, women most affected" is the golden mantra.

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Question: How many sexless marriages are there in Japan? Answer: the majority. Translation: Men generally stick it out even they have been shafted.

Question: How many moneyless marriages are there in Japan? Answer: Very, very few. Translation: Women generally leave when the money dries up.

The stress levels of everyone has skyrocketed during the pandemic. It's not just the women and it's not only the fault of the men.

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You can see the overt sexism in these responses. Shifting blame to institutions, oh that are run by men. And the reason women are unhappy with spouses is that they can see when they are forced to stay home and not have the work all the time excuse they continue to do nothing to help domestically. If women had read power in Japan then the situation would change. Men like the current situation so nothing changes.

And to the point about women depending on mens salary, the vast majority of women now work part-time because the men do not make enough money to support the family any longer. Those are the facts jack.

Not made up rationales based on 1970s conditions to justify sexist beliefs.

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