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Because there was a ban on mobile phones, some schools were unable to instruct students sufficiently on their use. We want to be more proactive in teaching children how to properly use them.


An Osaka prefectural official. Public elementary and junior high school students in Osaka will be allowed to bring mobile phones starting next school year, but only use them during natural disasters. Read

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Investigations basically determine the outcome of the process, not trials. The defense is often reduced to arguing for clemency in sentencing rather than trying to win the case.

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Kana Sasakura, professor at Konan University, commenting on the Carlos Ghosn case. Defense lawyers say any trial is effectively decided before it starts, with prosecutors enjoying a 99.9% success rate -- with confessions the key weapon at their disposal. Read

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She realises it's seen as something unnecessary and extravagant, but she isn't making any excuses. They have a different lifestyle and she doesn't expect other people to understand.


A source close to Kim Kardashian West, commenting on criticism of the reality TV star and husband Kanye West after they took a virtually-empty 747 plane to Tokyo in late November, which was for West's own "artistic" reasons. Read

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Many Japanese want jobs where they can take regular holidays. Without interns, we wouldn’t be able to operate.


A senior official of the fishery cooperative in Ishigaki fishing port in Okinawa Prefecture. The government wants to accept more foreign workers, but there are concerns that such workers will concentrate in major cities and steer clear of rural areas where wages are lower and labor shortages are severe. Read

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Japan has deemed it more important to preserve its culture and identity than to ease economic strains, and it will continue to do so.


Hamish McRae, columnist for The Independent, on why many Japanese are resisting to accept the need for immigrants for its economy to survive. Read

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I wish they would treat all single parents equally. It doesn't make any sense that I am ineligible for the tax deduction simply because I was never legally married.


An unmarried single mother in her 40s living in Kyushu. She was subject to domestic violence at the hands of her fiance while she was pregnant, and escaped their shared residence. She gave birth without ever being legally married. She currently makes ends meet with part-time work that only pays… Read

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Cracking down on drivers at pedestrian crossings by police will prove successful in raising the awareness of the pedestrian-first policy among drivers.


Katsuya Matsunaga, a professor emeritus of Kyushu University who studies traffic psychology. Police are targeting drivers who do not stop at crosswalks without traffic signals, as more than 90 percent of motorists do not abide by the law, endangering pedestrians, according to the the National Police Agency. Read

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It is a faraway issue for Japan


A senior government official, explaining why Japan is reluctant to criticize Russia over the recent firing on and seizure of Ukrainian naval ships, ahead of the start of full-fledged territorial negotiations by Tokyo with the Russian government. Read

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I believe we, as Japanese nationals, should respond with all of our hearts by fully backing possible military action or revisions to the Constitution that will enable it should the Abe cabinet decide on such a course to recover abduction victims and demonstrate Japan’s sovereignty.


Takashi Igi, the mayor of Yanago in Tottori Prefecture, speaking at a symposium. He was indicating his support if Japan opted to resort to military action to bring back Japanese nationals abducted by North Korea in the 1970s and '80s. Read

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