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Chiefs beat the Bulls 41-28 in Super Rugby


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The Japanese ref, Mr Kubo, had a good game I thought, although the Chiefs should have had a yellow card in the first half for their 9 penalties.

And van Vuuren’s deliberate, late swinging arm was a definite red but that was more to do with the TMO.

The obstruction call on de Jager was 50/50 but the last pass was forward anyway so the right result.

An exciting game but gee it’s hard to be a Chiefs fan. They never make it easy on themselves.

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Agreed. Good game to watch. Would've been really close if the Chiefs had been yellow carded. Seems to me maybe the SA teams are getting their mojo back. Boks might be much stronger by next year in the WC.

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An exciting game but gee it’s hard to be a Chiefs fan. They never make it easy on themselves.

Haha very true RM! Look at Mckenzie, bloke is obviously very talented and his presence in any starting xv may well be worth 8-10 points per game but he also makes costly errors at times. Bit of a liability under the high ball.

Gotta say i loved the way the Bulls played yesterday (and in previous weeks). Shows that it's all about mindset and perhaps preparation/conditioning. As for the Van Vuuren incident, should have been a red card, he clearly wanted to hurt mckenzie. J ref had a decent game but like the other J tmo we have had in previous weeks i think he lacks confidence and gets (imo too) easily influenced by other ref/assistants/tmo.

Let Saturday's rugby feast begin!

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Chiefs doing really well so far with basically a B team, agree with Risky and Goldorak about the TMO,Kubo ready with the red but swayed by assistants with the argument of a "slipped in the tackle" BS. The Chiefs vs NZ teams games should be crackers! Go Landers!!

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