rugby world cup 2019

Dan Carter tips Japan to reach Rugby World Cup knockout stage

By Richard Carter

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Well...he would say that wouldn't he.

They wont.

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So who have you got in the top eight? In no particular order I think these teams... NZ, Australia, England, South Africa, Ireland, Argentina... I'm having trouble picking the last two... of course Wales and France would be serious contenders but Japan, Italy, Scotland... all have a reasonable chance.

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The question is...who can Japan expect to beat? Not many.

Scotland to win it bud ;)

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Good luck to them. They did attack well last Sat but they will have to be much better on defense to have a chance at knocking over Scotland. He's right - not impossible. Just unlikely from what I saw. They fall off tackles and their scrum was not so great.

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Scotland to win it bud ;)

I'd like to see Scotland make a final. I don't think it's this tournament though. Same for Ireland. That'd be great to have somebody different to the regular 5 teams play the final.

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Rugby ratings are very low, nothing compared to Baseball here.

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Rugby ratings are very low, nothing compared to Baseball here.

Might be why countries like the US and Japan, baseball powerhouses, are lagging way behind. At least in Japan that is changing slowly.

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Rugby is just not of our interest, you might find a a small few who may like it, the ones who generally hang out at Hub etc, but that is a niche, if you compared it to baseball here.

Baseball has been here even before the war. JT even made a recent article on it:

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We know baseball is big, but it's irrelevant in this discussion about rugby.

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Good old DC, always tells you what you want to hear (especially when big $ is involved;). No wonder J fans love the AB.

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