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Free speech or hate speech? Folau's comments divide Australia

By Martin PARRY

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I think maybe he protests too much? Seems to spend a lot of his time “tussling” with muscular men in shorts, hanging around in changing rooms and shared baths..... :)

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Imo, the big mistake RA (rugby oz) made was to politicize the whole thing. The matter should have been dealt with internally (i mean waratahs/wallabies' dressing room, the players & coaches).

'We - his teammates/coaches- no longer want to play with him' (if that's what they think/want) etc would have sent a much clearer & more powerful message.

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Nah, should be in all players’ contracts that to express opinions like that in public forums will result in fines and or punishment.

He’s an employee after all, and his public behavior reflects on the league. It should be in everyone’s contract not to present a negative public image. What he says to his buddies at home is off the public record, but Instagram is definitely public, and therefore policeable.

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Just like politics and religion should be separated, so should sport and religion.

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He’s an employee after all, and his public behavior reflects on the league.

No, many people have the intelligence to understand Folau's comments have no relation to the organisation he's contracted to.

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