rugby world cup 2019

Japan rugby chairman Mori quits months before World Cup

By Yann Coatsaliou

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I wish him well in his battle with cancer and other endeavors.

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81 years old and dying of cancer. President of the organizing committee for the olympics. Wouldn’t it be better to have a fit, young dynamic organizer?

at his age, he should retire to a nice big house in the countryside, surrounded by family.

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Wish him well battling cancer but don't like him as the Olympics chief since he is an extremely condescending person towards athletes who give their heart and soul to the Olympics.

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This guy’s had too many fingers in too many pies. I’m sure he’s got a very nice retirement package awaiting him

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Seniority system still thrives in Japan.

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Looks to be at death's door.

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If young people should have a turn why keep the presidency position then? The only young prospering in Japan are the ones who go it alone in business. Otherwise, just a spoke in the wheel till your turn.

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"Mr Mori has said he will continue supporting the World Cup but expressed hope that young people should take the initiative in pushing for the sport," the spokesman said.

Like maybe a 70year old? Or a really young person in their 60s perhaps!!

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Just because you have cancer, even at 81, doesn't necessarily mean you want to stop working.

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