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Super Rugby shrinkage reports 'speculative,' says SANZAAR


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JRFU begged to join and promised so much, they had a chance, they dropped the ball and have added very little to the competition except passionate and sadly un-rewarded fans. Let them play in the rapid rugby manga league if they want international experience but running the Top League and University league at the expense of the Sunwolves was taking the piss and not respecting the other members of Super Rugby. Lets not forget the vote for Paris over South Africa for RWC as well. Obviously Super Rugby was about JRFU joining the club, not pushing their weight. good riddance.

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Super Rugby 15 teams is ok..

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JRFU begged to join and promised so much, 

It was a two-way thing, sanzaar desperately needed J money (dwindling crowds & tv viewership etc). 15-20 years ago we were getting 30k in Sydney, same in Pretoria, Cape Town, brizzie etc. Now 15k is the new 30k.

No doubt JRFU are clowns though, should never have accepted sanzaar's conditions I.e ' you guys will have to play half of your home games in hk, Singapore etc ok!?'. What a joke.

Sanzaar is run by greedy/clueless ppl just happy to please their federation and NT. They couldn't care less about the SR product. They want to copy the yanks (NBA, nfl model), cut franchises, add some etc but don't have the business brain. Bunch of amateurs.

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play half of your home games in hk, Singapore etc ok!?

No one made them and they agreed. Hong Kong? really? since when? That I'd go and see.

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Hong Kong? really? since when? That I'd go and see.

Played a game there this year vs Stormers (and won)

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thanks I missed that.

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