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5 Japanese technology trends for 2023


Japan has always been at the forefront of technology, dedicated to the pursuit of innovation. From the first camera phone to exciting development in the field of robotics, Japan has left some of the most noticeable marks in the tech world. In 2023, the Land of the Rising Sun blossoms with new, exciting technological trends. Today, we’ll explore five cutting-edge technology trends that shape the way people live and work in Japan.

Green tech and sustainable innovations

Eco mindfulness is a serious thing in Japan, and citizens are expected to contribute to the shared effort of reducing the country’s ecological footprint. Solar panel technology has made significant strides in recent years in Japan, helping create more efficient collectors. New hydrogen fuel cells are also being worked on – and let’s remember Japan was the first country to use hydrogen technology in actual on-road use.

Whether it is a simple GIF maker or Toshiba’s hydrogen energy systems, leaders of the Japanese tech industry are making impactful changes that help curb greenhouse gas emissions and promote renewable energy sources. Japan’s current goal is to achieve full carbon neutrality by 2050 and cut it by around 50% by 2030.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As AI technology is growing at an incredible pace, Japanese tech companies are pioneering various integration of AI in everyday life. The field of robotics presents some of the most promising opportunities for AI implementation, creating robots that could not only mimic human activities, but learn and adapt as they work. Home assistant robots and automated delivery robots could soon become commonplace, helping us in routine tasks and learning from their interactions with us.

AI has already found its way into many areas of our daily affairs. Something as simple as an online photo editor can use advanced AI-powered tools to provide a better and smoother user experience. CapCut, for example, allows users to automatically color correct their photos using deep learning AI algorithms that create amazing results, automatically adjusting the colors, contrast, saturation, and exposure to create the most satisfying results.

Creating content for social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram has never been easiest - CapCut even offers ready-made templates for each site to simplify the process.


SoftBank – one of the largest Japanese tech and investment companies – has a dedicated robotics division, with their Pepper robot being one of the company’s largest projects. The newest model of the Pepper-bot introduces enhanced AI capabilities, able to recognize and respond to a wide range of human emotions. These types of robots will be extremely helpful in customer service, elder care, and even teaching, where the ability to decipher human emotions is essential.

Two renowned Japanese robotics companies, Rakuten and ZMP, have been experimenting with delivery robots that aim to simplify last-mile delivery. These robots also use AI algorithms, combined with state-of-the-art sensors, to safely and quickly navigate city streets and avoid obstacles. Japan is dedicated to creating a safe post-pandemic world, in which contactless delivery is crucial – these robots, when ready for implementation, will help make it possible.

Robotic prosthetics and exoskeletons are also extensively developed. Cyberdyne, for example, is creating advanced prosthetics that help people with disabilities regain mobility and strength. The company’s HAL – Hybrid Assistive Limb – was the world’s first wearable robotic suit that assists in physical rehabilitation, and the project is still developed and upgraded today.

Media editing

Japanese companies are at the forefront of developing AI algorithms that revolutionize media creation and editing. AI-driven tools like CapCut have introduced features that dramatically simplify the editing process and enhance the results – by using machine learning, the tools understand the contents of any image or video, and perform tasks like removing backgrounds, color correction, or replacing details automatically.

AI can even manipulate video frames on a large scale, making it easy to enhance your footage. While this would usually take hours and advanced video editing skills, CapCut’s AI algorithms take just a few seconds to accomplish the task and no knowledge is required.

Remote health services

The global pandemic forced many industries to improvise and innovate, making rise to telemedicine. Health tech companies are now developing advanced virtual consultants, remote patient monitoring systems, and AI-assisted diagnosis tools. The goal is to offer a more accessible and heavily personalized care using machine learning and big data analysis

One of the most promising Japanese health tech companies of 2023 is CureApp, developing a range of therapeutic apps that offer aid for diabetics, people with mental health disorders, patients with hypertension, and more. The company’s focus is to offer a personalized approach to treatment that treats each patient according to their real needs, which is necessary to provide high-quality care.

2023 is an exciting time for Japanese tech companies. From robotics and sustainable technology to AI and media, the future looks bright, and many more exciting state-of-the-art technological innovations are sure to leave their mark on Japan as we approach 2024.

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Wow this is lame, none of the tech talked about was made in Japan just wrapped up and used in a different way. SoftBank purchased their robotics division which was famously American.

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Fax machines. floppy disks and migraine inducing UI's didn't make the list this year?

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Virtual congratulations if any of those is or ever should become a game changer or 'innovation'.

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This has to be a joke right?

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