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A must buy Japan souvenir from Don Quixote: Quality 1st’s Derma Laser sheet masks

By Shelley Smith
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Japan’s Don Quixote discount store chain, or “Donki” for short, is famously known to be a gold mine for souvenir hunters. It’s like stepping into a retail wonderland. From licensed character merchandise and snacks to various gadgets and quirky items, there’s something for everyone. However, it’s their skincare and beauty section that has been in the spotlight in recent years.

With Asian skincare brands more popular than ever — especially due to it trending all over social media —more foreigners are bulk-buying Japanese skincare items during their trips here. It’s hard to blame them. Japan’s skincare market was worth 21.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2023 and ranks the highest in quality based on surveys and turnovers.

Bright, soft skin is desired by people worldwide. While effectiveness takes priority, convenience and affordability are valued, too. That’s where Japanese sheet masks come in. They exemplify the Japanese approach to skincare by combining advanced technologies with beauty ingredients to provide rejuvenation in a convenient and relaxing manner.

Using a sheet mask is not just about skincare, either. It’s a ritual. One of self-care and pampering.

The cool touch of the mask on the skin can offer a moment of mindfulness where one can unwind and reconnect with oneself amid a busy day. The compact and lightweight size makes them suitable for travel and a perfect souvenir from your Japan trip.

They’re very affordable, too, especially if you want to get a little something for multiple people back home. You can get a pack of seven masks for around ¥500 to ¥700. Bulk packs with 20 to 30 masks range from ¥1,500 to ¥2,500.

Quality 1st’s Derma Laser series


Popular among Japanese locals and visitors from neighboring Asian countries, Quality 1st Derma Laser sheet mask series is the one to look out for. Notably, their Super VC100 mask won first place last year at the 2023 Best Cosme Award in the sheet mask category. Packed with concentrated vitamin C, the VC100 mask enhances skin radiance, minimizes pores and boosts collagen synthesis for smoother texture.

The Derma Laser series utilizes nanocapsule technology that ensures an unprecedented level of skin penetration, maximizing the efficacy of skin-rejuvenating ingredients to their fullest potential. The individual sheet masks use a nonwoven fabric made from cotton that adheres to the skin, allowing for movement without worrying that the mask will peel off while doing other things.

Free from preservatives, alcohol (ethanol), synthetic coloring, fragrance and mineral oils, these sheet masks prioritize safety and effectiveness while allowing everyone to choose a mask that suits their specific skin needs. The products in the series deliver targeted results based on key ingredients used in each of the various formulations. While ingredients like tea tree can soothe irritated skin like those with sunburn or acne, a retinol-based mask would better reduce concerns such as aging and texture.

With a commitment to providing customers with exceptional value beyond the price point, Quality 1st is a beloved Japanese cosmetics company. To explore their product line further, visit their official website or look for their sleek and simple packaging in stores.

Quality skincare easily available across Japan

Quality 1st products are not hard to find in Japan. As mentioned earlier, the most convenient option for travelers is to find them while exploring inside Don Quijote. They not only have a large variety of the Derma Laser series in their beauty section but also offer tourists duty-free and the convenience of finding everything else you’d want to take home with you from Japan. Most drugstores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi, department stores, beauty specialty stores and even some convenience stores will have them as well. For online shoppers in Japan, check Amazon, Rakuten or Quality First’s official online shop.

To better understand Japanese facial sheet masks and the various skincare ingredients used in them, see this related article on Savvy Tokyo.

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Id love to try those! But its a pity this brand is not on iherb! I cant order otherwise. Bad luck.

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