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Online tutoring platform TigerCampus JP offers individualized tutors for your academic needs


Want to improve your grades at school? You'll be relieved to learn that you are not required to carry the entire weight by yourself. You can get results in only three months with this online tutoring site.

If you're having trouble in your school classes, TigerCampus JP is an online tutoring platform that offers individualized tutors for your academic needs throughout Japan. TigerCampus JP is able to provide you with tutoring in a variety of subjects as well as a wide range of curriculums such as AP, IGCSE and more.

Many students who are debating seeking a tutor may wonder if they need one at all. Here are six reasons you should say yes.


1 Get taught by exceptional tutors

Finding the right education and guidance can be the difference between getting an A and a D. Getting high scores isn’t as simple as reading a textbook. Getting help from a skilled tutor can significantly improve your test scores.

TigerCampus JP hires exemplary tutors from prestigious universities. This ensures that you will achieve great success and also helps to inspire students. Our instructors come from prestigious universities both local and overseas, so you can be sure you’re only getting the best of the best.


2 Rewatch your lesson anytime, anywhere

Another benefit to online lessons and tutoring is having the ability to rewatch your lessons anytime.  At TigerCampus, all your online lessons are recorded, so you can rewatch them anytime.

Rest assured that everything is there and ready for you, even if you forgot to take notes or simply need to review the lesson.


3 The power of one-on-one lessons

Nobody is more aware of the unique demands and problems that each student faces than TigerCampus JP. You may access top-notch teachers by signing up, and you'll also get your very own customized one-on-one study session.

During your study session, all the focus will be on you. You’ll set the pace and the lesson plan can be tailored to address your specific weak points and areas of interest. Additionally, each session will end with a thorough lesson report that will help you pinpoint the areas that still need work. Research has also demonstrated that 1-on-1, or personalised style of learning can produce better results in school and skill-building. 


4 Your first lesson is always free

Still unsure if hiring a private online instructor is the best option for you? Don’t fret. You can actually give it a go for free.

That’s right. TigerCampus JP provides a risk-free, no-commitment trial so you can determine whether a tutor is right for you. If you're going to spend a lot of time with someone, compatibility is essential.

Don’t think the assigned tutor connects with you? Well, you can have a trial with each new tutor until you find the right one.


5 Wide range of courses and syllabi

This is all well and good, you might be thinking, but does TigerCampus JP provide the course you're searching for?

You'll be glad to hear that this academic platform has instructors available for practically every topic and curriculum conceivable. TigerCampus JP is prepared to assist you whether you're tackling an international syllabi like the IGCSE, A-Levels, or SATs. Even for English proficiency exams like the TOEFL and IELTS, teachers are available.


6 Dedicated customer service and support

Having a solid support network is always beneficial while you work to improve your grades. As a result, TigerCampus JP and its committed customer care will be by your side to help you at every turn.

Do you need assistance with a challenging issue, subject or assignment? Send them a snapshot, and they'll send you a professional who is prepared to assist. I didn't have to worry about waiting until the following tutoring session. Get your questions answered right away.


Bonus Tip: Learn some new skills to help you in the future.

TigerCampus JP is all about preparing students in Japan for the real world. On top of providing you with incredible tutoring services for exams, it also provides students with the space to learn coding, robotics and programming skills. Japan Coding Club teaches students important real-world skills like coding, robotics, design and animation and video editing. The best part? These courses are taught in a fun and interactive manner using popular gaming platforms such as Minecraft and Roblox. So whether you’re developing a game with Roblox or working on a robotics project, you’ll be able to pick up new STEM skills through a combination of live guidance and self-paced lessons.

For more info and to request a free trial, head to Tiger Campus here or for coding lessons click on Japan Coding Club here.

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