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Winners chosen from 2,500 entries in JNTO's #MyOwnPersonalJapan SNS posting campaign

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Japan National Tourism Organization  (JNTO) conducted a social media campaign aimed at foreigners currently living, or have had experience of living in Japan, titled #MyOwnPersonalJapan SNS Posting Campaign, from Oct 19 to Dec 6, 2020. Participants were asked to post recommended memorable tourism spots along with their personal memories regarding the experience to social media. The campaign drew over 2,500 posts.

Although it is currently difficult to freely travel due to the pandemic, JNTO said it believes these posts have led to more yearning for travel to Japan.

Ten winners were chosen. JNTO said the decision was made through evaluation and discussion with third party experts on whether the images and/or videos as well as the caption convey a story, uniqueness and a degree of attractiveness.

Winner (Poland)


Instagram account: @aga0801

Awarded Post: Maiko Experience in Arashiyama, Kyoto

Evaluation: It makes you want to quickly grab a ticket, get on a plane and enjoy the same experience just by looking at the post.


Winner (Canada)


Instagram account: @haliescomet

Awarded Post: Travel Memories from Hikone to Hokkaido for the past year.

Evaluation: Has a perfect balance between scenery and people, making it like a diary of daily life.


Winner (USA)


Instagram account: @phinding_phineus

Awarded Post: Ohara Festival in Kagoshima where I serve as a travel ambassador

Evaluation: The feeling and atmosphere of the experience are perfectly conveyed. It made us want to go there if we happen to be in Kagoshima.


Winner (Indonesia)


Instagram account: @arinalhaqin

Awarded Post: Travel memories of watching autumn foliage in Kagoshima, where I lived for the last 3 years

Evaluation: The picture is rich in content and has a high quality. It brilliantly portrays the beauty of the four seasons.


Winner (China)


Weibo account: 迪迪尼头牌女王

Awarded Post: Travel and life in Japan in four seasons

Evaluation: The friends’ smiles, colorful nature, and its passionate caption make this a great post.


Winner (China)


Weibo Account: 我无奈了8

Awarded Post: My favorite places in Japan

Evaluation: It brilliantly conveys the beauty of Japan. Just looking at the post made us feel at peace.


Winner (Taiwan)


Facebook Account: @hilu_artplace

Awarded Post: Beautiful path I came across in Aomori with my beloved child

Evaluation: The post shows that when you are with someone special, ordinary scenery can be so beautiful.


Winner (Taiwan)


Facebook Account: @PinkyLiu

Awarded Post: Scenery and festivals I felt were very Japanese

Evaluation: The love towards the city and the event is conveyed through each image. Also, the retouching of the images provides them with a unique color, making them feel more personal.


Winner (Korea)


Instagram account: @oo_wwjj

Awarded Post: Impromptu travel due to bad weather

Evaluation: There are times that impromptu travel is more beautiful than a planned one. The high sky and the person in the picture feel as if they blend into one in harmony.


Winner (Korea)


Instagram Account: @ray_in_tottori

Awarded Post: Wagasa (Japanese umbrella) Fantasy Nights, Tottori.

Evaluation: An interesting composition and color palette, stimulating curiosity towards the travel destination. The mystical atmosphere of the festival is brilliantly conveyed through the image.


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1 Comment
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