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'Ai-chan' leaves table tennis in good hands


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Does Ai Fukuhara speak Chinese well? I think I saw her in one of her engagement interviews or maybe it was after her wedding, where she was being questioned by Chinese reporters and an interpreter was on hand. I was thinking that Chiang Hung-chieh must speak Japanese in order for them to communicate.

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I have no way to judge the precise level of her Chinese ability but it’s said to be very good. Also I’ve seen her on TV with her husband several times and she was most definitely interpreting for him. His Japanese ability is still relatively low.

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Sah! Good luck. She lived and trained in China for years, was in the Chinese TT league, and is fluent in Northern Mandarin Chinese. She's really loved over there, even if all of the Chinese players have beaten her!

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Ai-chan and Chiang baby will be unbeatable in table tennis in future! The child is eligible to represent Japan and Chinese Taipei. I hope Japan!

Good luck and thanks for heartwarming memories, Ai-chan.

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Fukuhara won minor medals at both the London and Rio Olympics

That's a bit cheeky! What's a "minor medal"?

Table tennis tends to get viewed in Japan as the sporty club activity for kids who can't do other sports, so she'll have done her bit to up its profile.

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I still remember in my mind, five year old child AI-chan crying and tantrums when she lost the game. Everyone loved her then. Good luck to her and her family.

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Chop Chop: I agree... I was seriously worried about her mental health, having been the subject of Japan's over-expectant media since she was a child. She used to nod and talk to herself when she missed a shot, almost maniacally, and then have a meltdown when she didn't get the gold society demanded.

I'm glad she landed on her feet and is settling down, and I pray she does so far away from the media here. Hopefully she and her family take root in Taiwan and she does some minor coaching there or Something.

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Thanks. Guess I miss a lot since I don't have a TV at home.

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