Navratilova slams ban on 'Where is Peng Shuai' shirts


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a banner in support of the Chinese player.

Generous definition of support, the protestors don't care about her at all or they would actually listen to what she said. They just want an excuse to "own" China, she is just the latest one.

That said, this is still kind of a weak move from the organization. They banned the shirts but then said they are still investigating the issue. They want to try to play both sides of the argument and that is never going to work.

They should have just said that her safety has already been confirmed and the issue is done with.

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Where is Peng Shuai?

Probably at home, buying the latest Louis Vuitton bag, iPhone or whatever overpriced luxury products rich Chinese buy these days.

I wouldn't feel too sorry for her.

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She's right but I don't expect Australia to stand up to China or anyone else for the matter.

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Can we politicize sports a bit more?

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Big sport has always been political.

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Tennis Australia is a disgraceful organization.

Firstly, apply for a known anti-vaxxer to obtain an exemption for a visa, in a bid to boost their bottom line.

Then, ban from their tournament perfectly legitimate, non offensive t-shirts.

TA CEO Craig Tiley should be deported back to South Africa.

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She's fine, but don't let that slow down the anti-China pile on. Btw, ever wondered why until about 2010 the Anglo-American MSM was quite positive towards China, you know, when Western economic interests were making all that money out of the place? It all suddenly changed when Xi made it clear that China was for the Chinese, not the globalists...

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Gambare Nippon:

Tennis Australia is a disgraceful organization.

Perhaps you'd like to tell the AO to drop their Chinese sponsor then. China can then spend money on better causes. Why don't you get a Japanese company to sponsor the AO next time. I'm sure they're flowing with money. Japan has a great MeToo movement going on. I'm sure that will please Navratilova. She of all people should know the nastiness of western MSM.


Yeah, that's because USA and its Anglo minions were hoping that China would adopt THEIR type of democracy and their customs. Asia is NOT the same as the west. They soon realized that China wouldn't kowtow, and was becoming a global powerhouse. USA wants to keep that monopoly, or as they say hegemony. But the USA is sinking and they know it. Stop spending money on weapons, wars and propaganda, and help your own people. The USA is a mess.

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I think the Chinese government should force Peng Shuai to appear at even more public events to satisfy me that she's not in a gulag. The dozen or so over the past few months just isn't enough. I demand at least one per week. My personal curiosity and dislike of the CCP obviously overrides any right she has to maintain a private life.

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I think wearing Nike, Under Armour etc by fans IS commercial! Basically any branded clothing by is commercial as others will recognize it.

Tennis Australia sucks… and I am an Aussie who use to play hours of friendly tennis a week with my mates before coming to Japan.

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She’s totally fine. As long as she never opens her mouth again.

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Australia Open. Sponsored by KIA aka Hyundai Motor Group. Korea protested a policy they were not in agreement about with China. China retaliated - banned Chinese tourists from visiting South Korea, which was well over 50% of revenue from tourism. Without the use of military force China can crush most countries who have cultivated a dependency in one form or another.

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How is this political?

It's a human rights issue

She's not fine unless the possible crime is properly investigated. That's like saying a possible rape victim is fine when there's no investigation

The Australian Open organizers have no balls, and their foremost priority is money. They couldn't just tell Djokovic outright he shouldn't board the plane because they didn't have an explicit go-ahead from the government. And now this

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Tennis Australia said on Sunday that under its ticket conditions "we don't allow clothing, banners or signs that are commercial or political".

Uh. Does that mean Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Yones, Wilson, etc, clothing and gear that bear a logo are prohibited, as they are commercial advertising? Waving a National flag is not political?

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Peng Shuai

Zhao Wei

Meng Hongwei

Jack Ma

Gui Minhai

and all the Operation Fox Hunt targets?

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Chinese should liberate themselves during the Olympics, when the world is watching, it improves rating

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Japan and The US also have women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by politicians and men in power yet they haven’t got any justice until now! Many of these women even have evidences and witness statements ( Japans Shiori Ito comes to mind - surveillance video and taxi driver statement ) yet no justices for them! Yet, these two very countries are bashing China for Peng… hypocrisy at its finest! Deal with your own internal issues first!

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One of many Human rights would be to vote, that is political. So you are being political when you send a message on Human rights. That rainbow hugging ex tennis player is wrong, human rights is all about being political.

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Japan and The US also have women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by politicians and men in power

But they aren't locked up and forced to make retractions by paid govt thugs. That's the difference. Peng Shuai should get her case heard and filed, then if there is merit for criminal charges to be filed, have the police arrest the offender and let the legal system work.

The issue for me isn't whether she was or wasn't raped. It is about govt thugs and making her disappear for weeks. Her allegations on social media happened Nov 2. They were quickly censored on multiple accounts and she was taken by police. She was unseen until Nov 22.

Show me 1 woman who claimed rape in Japan or the US where they were arrested and unseen for 3 week?

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The Peng investigation deniers already lost - the AO organizers reversed course and realized this is a human rights issue

It's time to open a proper transparent investigation

Denying a proper transparent investigation would only lead to nothing being found out

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