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Russian athletes to return as WADA lifts doping ban


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Russia is the only country I’ve heard of that ran a state sponsored doping program. Playing with fire letting any Russians into the Olympics. They’re just going to burn us again.

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Putin will be laughing all the way to the Tokyo Olympics

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"casts a dark shadow over the credibility of the anti-doping movement".

What credibility? A high proportion of elite athletes are medicated all year round; asthma, ADHD, allergy etc they all suffer from 'something'. Many/most Tour de france riders (especially at the top) are asthmatic, what a joke! Therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs) are handed out like candy.

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Reedie said the decision "provides a clear timeline by which WADA must be given access to the former Moscow laboratory data and samples". He said if the commitment was not met, WADA would reinstate the ban on the Russian anti-doping agency.

The IAAF will review Russia's status once more at its council meeting in Monaco in December after a report into two more pre-conditions on which they have insisted -- an acknowledgement by the Russian authorities that there was a cover-up and access to test samples data from the Moscow lab between 2011 and 2015.

Russia gonna have to give access to the Moscow lab and samples, plus acknowledge what happened there

Or they'll be back to where they were before

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Whatever happened to the very solid evidence that the former Russian anti-doping director himself  Grigory Rodchenkov gave? The fact remains that his Russian colleague died "of natural means" immediately after his testimony, that even WADA admitted the vials were tampered. Its all in Netflix documentary : Icarus.

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