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Henderson revels in Liverpool's epic comeback to beat Barcelona in Champions League semifinal


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Speechless! One of the best Liverpool comebacks I’ve watched in 60 years only equaled by the Istanbul one. Amazing season.

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Not sure how I'm going to get through work today once the gallon of adrenaline still keeping me going washes away. What an incredible night, just bewildering.

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The Alexander-Arnold corner was just pure Liverpool cheek!

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Zichi,me too speechless.I remember 2005 and wondering should I call it quits and go to bad at halftime.But decided as a fan I had to stay and watch it till the end.Tonight too.When the alarm went at 3.50 I wondered whats the point but again said I had to watch it and cheer them on.Man am I glad i did.what a performance.Once again the neighbors will be wondering about my 5 am screaming!!! and I give a ...looked like Messi just gave up in the last 10/15 minutes.He was just strolling around not even wanting the ball. Liverpools commoitment was just something else.Thank god we got Klopp when we did.

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Just watched the highlights, absolutely incredible. Didn't think they had it in them tbh. Milner's such a leader, old school/proper pro! Massive choke from barca though, completely clueless.

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I didn’t watch live I watched a replay over breakfast and unusually I decided to check the outcome first followed by one almighty roar. What a game and very few thought was ever possible.

Kloop has restored the Liverpool pride regardless of how the season ends.

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I thought it was April Fools Day when I checked this mornings news! Unbelievable.

And with no Salah and no Firminho I really thought Liverpool had no chance. And 0-3 down!

Liverpool truly are the greatest comeback team in Europe and Anfield the greatest stadium to encourage those comebacks.

This is what British football is all about (from an Arsenal supporter).

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Hope they go on and win this competition.

I’ve only seen the highlights and so I can’t really judge the game. I read Henderson was immense.

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Called the great escape!

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It's insane that Liverpool have been playing such outstanding football all season and could still potentially end up with nothing (although I'd fancy their chances against either Tottenham or Ajax). The standard of the top teams at the moment is phenomenal.

As a Huddersfield fan, I'm looking forward to getting back to the championship and away from these monsters.

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Shipwrecker - I have to ask you, how on earth did you let Wagner leave?

I understand it was Wagner's decision, but surely you would have been better off going down with him? And Huddersfield were even worse after he left.

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Absolute madness.

Havent achieved much at work today. Spent most of the time just watching clips and reading articles.

This team is something special. I love the lot of them.

My only disappointment is I watched it on my own!

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As a Huddersfield fan, I'm looking forward to getting back to the championship and away from these monsters.

I understand that completely. As a Derby fan, I'm half-pleased we're in the play-offs and half-terrified as to what embarrassment we might suffer at the hands of Liverpool, Man City etc if we get promoted.

And btw I'm genuinely happy for the Terriers that at least they managed to avoid beating the Rams' worst-ever record in 07/08. Looked like a close-run thing for a while.

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BigYen and Shipwrecker, if it gives you any hope, in the premier league you also get to play the likes of my team Arsenal, so it's not all gloom and doom for you..

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I understand that completely. As a Derby fan, I'm half-pleased we're in the play-offs and half-terrified as to what embarrassment we might suffer at the hands of Liverpool, Man City etc

You can look forward to the visit of Everton too. We got stuffed 2-0 at already relegated Fulham the other week.

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Sadly and unfortunately premier league football is all about the owners and the money they are willing to spend to bring success to the club. The clubs in the lower half can't complete with the big spending clubs. In my youth it was more about growing the talent you needed rather than the many tens of millions it takes today.

Liverpool have been a big spender, like Van Dijk but they that also been good with their selling like Coutinho. It's alway good for football when the lower clubs beat the higher ones.

So many great clubs with history like Huddersfield. Should have stayed with Wagner.

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zichi, I will still argue that its more about the manager. And Leicester are a great Premier League-winning example of a (cheap) team unit coached well. I reckon that if Wolves and Watford keep their managers they will challenge for top 4. Man You have spent how much under successive managers? 300 million plus! And Spurs could well meet Liverpool in Big Cup Final having spent nothing. Yes Liverpool have spent big, but without Klopp they would never have achieved this.

Huddersfield should have kept Wagner. And I hope the Rams beat Dirty Leeds.

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What!? Miracle at Anfield! But in sport as in life itself nothing is predictable.This match will go down in history and will serve forever as a sacred example of can-do for all underdogs. Still, the Anfield stadium atmosphere dialled to 11 by the Kop gives the home boys both a head start and a tailwind while visitors face a formidable headwind from fans and intimidating thunderbolts crackling from the Kop. I've been floating all day on a cloud of contentment, but I daren't hope for a second miracle courtesy of Manchester City - that would just be too greedy!

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zichi, I will still argue that its more about the manager.

Yes that too and I would sell Salah even before I would sell Klopp. Klopp understands Liverpool football and has a real passion for the game. He understands and loves the fans. But the big money also plays its part, unfortunately for the modern game.

Kloops rents  Brendan Rodgers house in Formby and it was suggested he withhold the rent after the Man City game.

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I reckon that if Wolves and Watford keep their managers they will challenge for top 4

I can’t see this. Man U have had a disastrous season but are still well ahead of both on points. Also, you can be sure that their best players will be poached by bigger sides. I’ve seen this at Everton for a long time now. Leicester winning the title on 81 points was an aberration and they lost Kante, Mahrez and Drinkwater to bigger sides.

I’d say any of the sides from 3rd to 6th would have finished with more points under Pep or Klopp even if they had been parachuted in with no time to buy.

If any side outside of the current top 6 breaks into the top 4, it will be because of a massive cash injection.

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Jim, I quite like Watford, Wolves, Leicester, and Everton. I think they are more interesting because they haven't the salary budget and they have young exciting squads and managers. I agree with what you say if they lose players, but if Watford, Wolves, and Leicester keep their players and their managers they will challenge 3rd and 4th. Everton have been decent against the top 6 too. Why? Because Sarri's style is failing Chelsea, Spurs will not invest, Arsenal are soft and inconsistent, and Ole is not the Man for You who have been failing consistently since Ferg retired.

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It’s the keeping players which I don’t see a way around. Even Liverpool lost Torres, Suarez and Coutinho. The smaller sides don’t have much of a chance.

On the Liverpool point, I think Klopp is building something which players won’t want to leave. Two CL finals in a row along with a side competing for the premiership makes it harder to leave.

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It's also the youth academy where young players are developed. Many good player are produced at the Liverpool academy, Trent is just one of them. When he got his first team place he was earning  £10,000 a week, now earning  £50,000 per week. He joined the academy at the age of six.

Kloop understands the value of the academy and has decided to move the training ground so that the first teams and the academy will be in one place.

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The decision seems to have been mainly Wagner's. I think he just had enough and needed a break. I don't think the board would have pushed him. Dean Hoyle, our outgoing chairman, is pretty calm and sensible. Most fans would have been happy if Wagner had stayed, even if we went down without taking anymore points.


I feel you about the playoffs. As a fan, I think the genuine competition in the Championship is more exciting to watch. Most matches you feel that either side has a decent chance of winning. Watching your team fight tooth and nail against bigger clubs can also be exciting, but its not something you want to experience every match of the season. Still, I like Frank Lampard and I hope you do well.

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