Sweet 16 for Djokovic as Murray exits Wimbledon


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Novak is a real champion, both on and off the court.

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Murray is a champion on and off the court,there fixed that for you.

A champion of women’s flrights and minorities rights.

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Novak is a real champion, both on and off the court.


He is an antisocial individual who refused to follow basic hygeine/safety rules in his own country and several more through pure arrogance. Plus a complete brat on the court, who has previously been defaulted out of tournaments for his outrageous behaviour.

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Correct Fighto! Arrogance personified who is entirely focused on his own importance.

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A champion is a champion whether they have hissy fits, are arrogant, have their own opinions

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Channeling your frustration is different in every man. Djokovic is a great man, only some people don't want to see that, usually the ones who are not so much into tennis but more into blabbering. I mean everyone shouts and argues more or less. Anyway go Djokovic!! Wimbledon is your planet! Eat that grass! :)) P.S. Thank you for the positive photo. ;))

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