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Comic heroes fuel Japan Olympic volleyball manga mania

By Tomohiro OSAKI

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I didn’t realize their fans were all children. How very quaint.

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In Japan, where anime was invented, people are often inspired by one show or an other for one task or another. It's a Japanese thing. Adults today grew up with it and their children watch it now. Where the inspiration comes from to ignite an athlete, and inspiration comes in different forms in different countries, the inspiration that drives them is the important thing. The article has an example of this very anime inspiration. If not done in your country doesn't mean a thing. In Japan anime is just one of many inspirations and if it works for some so be it.

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I didn’t realize their fans were all children. How very quaint.

Selling sixty million books and inspiring kids to take up a sport probably trumps a lonely display of cultural snobbery on the Internet.

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